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Trust me, you are not alone. And the life you are looking for is achievable. Let's prioritize and find your personal sweet spot in life.

Trying to run a business, keep your spouse happy, raise your kiddos, all while drowning in the overwhelm and ready to throw in the towel?

I’m a small-town Oklahoma girl living the big city life in Houston, Texas with even BIGGER dreams. I was an elementary school teacher turned marriage and family therapist with a passion for helping families live their best lives.

I’m known for keeping it real and maybe a little too blunt at times. I definitely live in the real world with real problems and real people.

I am a wife of twenty-three years, mama to three kids and four fur-babies. I’m in love, like embarrassingly in love, with my labradoodle Mollie, and obsessed with peanut butter cups! I am a professional taco-eater, for real. Okay, I just really think I am, but not for real. Is there a competition for that? I'm a definite overachiever every day of the week, and have been known to bust out an awkward dance move. 

Jesus Daughter, Wife, Mom, CEO, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, High-Performance Business Coach, Podcast Host, & Professional Taco-Eater

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Hi! I'm Amy

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I help women who are Ready to...

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