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3 Critical Spouse Connections you need to have in your marriage

4 Marriage Killers that can take even the best marriages and knock them off their rockers

6 Overcoming Conflict Super Skills that you can quickly implement in your marriage

3 Demon Dialogues that show up in most every marriage and how to spot them

6 Secret Weapons for Communication created by a Marriage Therapist to help you overcome any struggle

A Downloadable Complete Workbook that will help you follow along, prompt you to implement what you learn in your life and take action

and so many more insightful goodies to help you with your marriage communication inside this complete workshop series!

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You will be surprised at how truly easy it is to transform your marriage communication patterns when you have the exact steps of what to say and how to say it laid out right in front of you. 


100 questions to ask your spouse designed to get the responding to you and talking like never before

# 4

5 Steps to Fighting Fair Framework so that future conflict can be handled calmly and with respect

# 3

Step-by-step Rules for Taking a Break during conflict, leaving each spouse knowing who is responsible for continuing the conversation after the break

# 2

30 days of prompts to jumpstart your marriage connection that take less than 60 seconds a day

# 1

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BONUS #4: Step-by-Step Rules for Taking a Break During Conflict

BONUS #3: 5 Steps to Fighting Fair Framework so that future conflict can be handled calmly and with respect

BONUS #1: 30 days of prompts to jumpstart your marriage connection that take less than 60 seconds a day

Full 3-module Light Up Your Marriage Communication Workshop

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when you join the on-demand marriage workshop

BONUS #2: 100 questions to ask your spouse designed to get the responding to you and talking like never before

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I'm ready to join for only $27

say "bye-bye" to a marriage that has hit the bump in the road and hello to a marriage on fire

I'm ready to transform my marriage and get back to lovin' better than when I said, "I Do!"

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Intimately Connected Marriage

If your marriage isn't fully working, neither is your career or personal well-being.

The longer you wait the harder it is to repair your marriage.

You want to leave a different legacy and example of a loving relationship for your children that will have generational impact.

You're wasting precious time with your spouse doing the same ol' thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Why you can no longer afford to stay stuck

I’m a small-town Oklahoma girl living the big city life in Houston, Texas with even BIGGER dreams. I was an elementary school teacher turned marriage and family therapist with a passion for helping families live their best lives.

I’m known for keeping it real and maybe a little too blunt at times. I definitely live in the real world with real problems and real people.

I am a wife of twenty-two years, mama to three kids and four fur-babies. I’m in love, like embarrassingly in love, with my labradoodle Mollie, and obsessed with peanut butter cups! I am a professional taco-eater, for real. Okay, I just really think I am, but not for real. Is there a competition for that? I'm a definite overachiever every day of the week, and have been known to bust out an awkward dance move. 

Wife, Mom, CEO,
Marriage & Family Therapist,
High-Performance Business Coach, & Professional Taco-Eater

Hi, I'm Amy

Podcast Host

you're ready to once and for all do everything you can to create a meaningful, intimate connection with your spouse. 

you're ready to be a marriage communication ninja and light your marriage spark.

you're ready to feel seen, heard, understood, and respected fully by your spouse. 

you're ready to stop waiting for tomorrow and start lovin' better than when you said, "I Do."

This is for you if

If you do not believe the content can potentially help your marriage and you put in the work by completing the videos and workbooks simply email me within 7 days of purchase and I will fully refund you. 

I am putting the risk on me! Money Back Guaranteed.

Because I am super passionate about helping others bring joy and passion back into their marriages for not only themselves, but their children.

Why are you offering this for only $27?

Forever and ever, Amen!

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The trainings are designed to do alone or with your spouse.  Either way, marriages can be transformed with one person taking action.

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