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A membership like no other, you will get all the techniques, tools, and information that Amy uses with couples in her 1:1 sessions.  She breaks everything down into bite-sized, easy to digest, video lessons, downloads, action items, and more. 

This membership is currently closed, but will re-open in January 2020.  Join the waitlist so you don't miss any important details and find out if this membership is for you!


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Marriage on Fire

Oh yeah, let's get those sparks a flyin' in your marriage!  I will lead you on your personal success path to create and maintain the marriage of your dreams. Ready? Let's divorce proof your marriage, together, right now!


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I can't wait to meet you! There are several ways to work directly with me, 1:1 weekly sessions, marriage intensives, and more. Let's explore and create a customized plan that is built just for you!


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I have stories galore and I bring my quirky, down-to-earth self to speak directly to the needs of your event. I speak to educators, women, couples, businesses, and kids.