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marriage & family therapist, amy Wine

the fights, tears, & slamming doors

talking about money without

Discover how to start

In this workshop, you will discover the BIGGEST BARRIERS to communication about money with your spouse.  Breaking these barriers will change the outcome of your conversation and the course of your marriage, forever!

You will also leave with:
Confidence in knowing how to say what you need and feel heard
A complete, easy to implement plan of action for your next money convo
A list of talking points that set up your money convo for success
Understanding of  how emotion, values, and pain can impact your money talk
A simple system for managing your money
And, as a bonus because of the current times...
How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money During a Crisis!

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You try over and over to talk to your spouse about money thinking each time it will be different.

You mentally prep for the talk playing out both sides so there are no surprises.

Then the conversation starts and without missing a beat, the cycle of miscommunication and frustration starts. 

You don't feel heard, they're upset.

Enter tears, slamming doors, and silence.

How is this still an issue ?

If you can't discuss money with your spouse what does this mean about your marriage?

Does silence feel like it is the best option?
or like
The stress of money struggles makes any conversation not worth it?

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So, grab the tools you need to have Your Next Money Convo!

"That would be fantastic, but will never happen in this lifetime."
"There isn't a workshop on this planet than can help me figure out how to make my spouse understand where I am coming from when we talk about money."
"I'm going to just keep trying to  figure it out myself."

I've helped hundreds of  clients feel heard, seen, and understood in their marriage money convos with over the past five years.  I've used the same proven step-by-step game plan that you will receive, thus allowing YOU to feel heard, seen, and understood by YOUR SPOUSE!

imagine feeling understood by your spouse...

You might be thinking...

I’m a small town Oklahoma gal, living the big city life in Houston Texas.

When I’m not running my three time award-winning counseling clinic, raising my three amazing (almost-adult!) human children (and four fur babies), trying to figure out how to make gluten-free baking delicious or chasing after my labradoodle puppy, Mollie, I’m devouring everything that I can to help you divorce-proof your marriage.

I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC),  I've helped hundreds of couples transform their relationships from married roommate status to a marriage on fire. 


Meet your hostess!

This is a content packed training and I'm going to give you practical steps so you can implement them in your next Money Convo.

You'll leave with action steps.

All of your questions around your specific situation with your spouse will be answered.

There will be a Q&A at the end!

I might be a bit blunt, but I too, live in the "real world" so you won't just get fluff from me.  You will get relevant tips that you can actually use.

I keep it real at all times

my promises to you, friend

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Live Workshop
April 15th
@ 12 pm (cst)


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