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Do you feel like there is a Grand Canyon between you and your spouse? Do you always fall into the tendency of seeking connection and feeling rejected? If so, you might be in a Pursuer-Distancer pattern, and you don’t even know it! In this episode, hear Jon and I uncover how we fall into the […]

Pursuer, Distancer, Break Free

33: Pursuer and Distancer: Understanding the Patterns to Break Free

How do abandonment issues in childhood affect your marriage? Do you tend to hold back from giving your marriage everything you’ve got? Maybe one of you is guilty of throwing out the “d” word one too many times. In this episode, I am joined by Stephanie Fryar who is a student of the SPARK Re-Ignite […]

Marriage Breakthrough

32: SPARK Course Success: How Stephanie Achieved Her Breakthrough After 26 Years of Marriage

Today is the day I focus on you, my dear listeners, as I answer and voice my opinion on some of your most frequently asked questions about marriage. Allow me to shed light on matters such as being friends with exes, marriage curfews (really now?), and trust issues. I will also reveal a personal mistake […]

23: Ask Amy: Answers to Your Most Burning Questions about Marriage

Do you see your life and relationships to be in constant chaos and drama? You often wonder, is it just bad luck or am I intentionally setting myself up for stress? In this episode of Marriage on Fire, Jon joins me as we paint a picture of a truly chaotic day in our family life. […]

22: Break the Cycle of Chaos and Take Control of Your Life

When yelling and silence no longer work on your husband, is it time to give up? How can you establish a connection with someone who is emotionally unavailable? In today’s episode of Marriage on Fire, I’m joined by Jon once again. It’s about time we hear his side of things as we talk about how […]


21: Emotional Unavailability: Understanding His Side

Does addiction mean your marriage has to end? How do you help the ones you love without enabling their destructive behavior? In today’s episode of Marriage on Fire, I’m joined by licensed chemical dependency counselor intern, Adriana Wallace. Adriana works closely with clients at the Amy Wine Counseling Center, aiding in the process of overcoming […]

20: Surviving Substance Abuse in Marriage with Adriana Wallace

What effects can our marital conflicts have on our children? And what can we do to decrease stress and boost intimacy regardless of family stressors and other outside factors? In this episode, I’m joined by my 18-year-old son and budding entrepreneur, Austin who offers a fresh take on marriage and parenting from the other side. […]

Negotiating Your Marital Style

19: An 18 Year Old’s View on Marriage: A Sit Down Chat with My Son, Austin

Are you feeling connected in your marriage? Or are you feeling disconnected?  Some days you may think things are going great and other times not at all.    I see couples come into my private practice all the time who are feeling disconnected.  One of the spouses feels like they are constantly the one who is […]

18: Break This Dangerous Cycle Before It Ruins Your Marriage

Today on the podcast I will be talking about the nine transformations you want (and need!) to have in your marriage.  Some of these things might be going well for you and your spouse, while some of the others might need some serious work.  I have discussed these transformations with hundreds of couples in my […]

Perfectionism in marriage

17: 9 Transformations You Want (and Need) to Have in Your Marriage

I’m a small-town Oklahoma girl living the big city life in Houston, Texas with even BIGGER dreams. I was an elementary school teacher turned marriage and family therapist with a passion for helping families live their best lives.

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