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I'm the founder of Thrive Life Collective and Host of Thrive Today Daily. 

I'm a mentor to those with influence: CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, NFL, MLB & Hollywood so they
Thrive in ✨
Life + Relationships + Business
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  • CEO of two companies
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Peak Performance Mindset Coach
  • Business Strategist
  • Specializes in marriage, play therapy, trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, & more

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve tried to figure out the secrets to having it all in my life, relationships, and business. I struggled working 80 hrs/week as an entrepreneur and failing miserably as a spouse, mother, friend and leader.

I was living a life I didn’t love, complete with my most treasured relationships declining and a business consuming me. The journey from rock-bottom showed me the key – that you CAN have what you want when you integrate life + relationships + business in a holistic way.

That’s what I’m here to share in your earbuds every single day, because life doesn't happen once a week.

Hi, I'm Amy Wine.

About Your Host

René Banglesdorf, Founder and Coach of the Aviation Collective

​​“Amy’s unique position as both a counselor and a coach delivers a perspective that tackles the deepest objections and provides proven processes to get ‘unstuck.’ I can always count on her to tell me what I NEED to hear – even if it’s not always what I WANT to hear. I highly advise skipping this if you prefer the status quo.”

Jen Myers, Founder of Homeschool CEO

If you’re ready to discover your fullest potential, Amy Wine can take you there! She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions necessary to help you get real and lasting transformational results. Whether your life needs a complete reset or you feel like you’ve lost yourself in motherhood and the craziness of life, reach out and connect with Amy. You’ll be glad you did! 

Amy Bogue, CEO of Dutch Health Services

This course is a MUST if you need encouragement, focus, and a reset in your mindset. As a woman, life can be busy and chaotic as we try our best to multitask. If you are a working mom, keep up the good work! It is hard to find that balance and Amy will be your guide. Amy is wise and encouraging! Her wealth of knowledge and experience is key to this successful course. After you complete, consider purchasing one for a friend! Spread the love and knowledge!

Kate Walker, LPC/LMFT Supervisor and Founder of Kate Walker Training

Amy Wine graciously agreed to be a ‘Mentor of the Month’ presenter for members of my Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses group. Her presentation, "The Purposeful Week: Thriving in Life, Relationships, and Business,” could not have been more timely. Not only was I listening to her words, I was actually incorporating her message of acceptance and balance as I juggled technical difficulties on my end. Thank you, thank you Amy for your time and your message!

James Reid - “J.R.”, Founder and CEO of J. Reid Group

Amy is more than a trusted expert in my corner - she’s become THE go-to for my clients. I’m amazed at how quickly Amy earns trust with her clients and how elegantly she leverages it into transformation. There’s no nonsense with Amy. Just results. Sustainable, life-changing results.

Thrive Today started as a 3-5 minute daily audio dose of motivation and encouragement in Amy’s group, Sacred Living. It’s been blowing up in popularity and she decided to bring it to everyone.

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