Four ways to work with me...

Your journey will start during a 1:1 intake session, where we will work together to create a plan to meet your goals and design the life of your dreams. I will meet you right where you are, provide feedback, and vow to keep it real at all times. Hey, I live in the real world, too. I get it. I work with children, teens, women, and couples in a setting that feels like home, located in Cypress, Texas.

1:1 Counseling

Marriage intensives are custom designed for each couple and are intended to provide deep work on your marriage. A 6-hour marriage intensive equals approximately 10-12 individual 1-hour sessions as they allow for time to get to the underlying issues at the core of everything, process it, repair, and heal. It's also a wonderful way to check in on your marriage to ensure that everything is running smoothly and in the way you want your marriage to be. 

Marriage Intensives

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Learn more

This is ideal for those who are unable to attend weekly counseling sessions, want to work from the privacy of their home, want to work on their marriage and receive some benefits of 1:1 counseling without going in person, want a marriage checkup, or simply want to see what it would be like to work with Amy. 

Online Courses

Need a speaker for your next event or conference? Working with me is a breeze and I vow to bring value to your event. We will work together to design the keynote or presentation you dream of, or I can bring one of my own signature talks, with topics on marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship, social media dangers, and much more.  


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Marriage on Fire

 ...and everything seemed right in the world? Does it seem so far removed from where you are now? Or are you lighting it up every day? Either way, together, let's create your...

Remember when you said, "I Do"

Let's go

You know a marriage is about so much more than saying, "I do." You're building a life together full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Navigating these can sometimes be frustrating at best. Just know you can have it all with a plan and intentional action. This is where I step in and provide you just that!

You're not just looking for an Instagrammable marriage. You want to create a legacy for your children, grandkids, great-grandkids...

If both partners want the marriage to work, the marriage will work. But sometimes we get lost in ourselves, our pain, and forget we are on the same team. Often, it simply takes a third party to pick us up and put us together again.


Amy Wine's Marriage Philosophy