You want to do all these, but simply have no idea where to even begin... I've been there, and guess what?

You've Now Found Your Starting Point

You are called to LIVE well,
LOVE well, &
LEAD well

What if one new perspective could change everything?

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Thrive Life Collective is your all-in-one answer to Personal Development + Mental Health + Relationship Guidance + Business Leadership Training that makes it easy to Show Up Authentically You in Life, Relationships, and Business

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(AKA Netflix For Your Life)

Jesus' Daughter

Wife of 24 yrs (32 dating eek!)

Mom to 3 kiddos (23, 21, & 19) and 4 furbabies

CEO of two companies

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Supervisor

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

Peak Performance Mindset Coach

Business Strategist

Podcast Host

Professional Taco-Eater

Specialities in marriage, play therapy, trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, & more 

I'm a bit of an overachiever

but true 😂 

Meet Your Dream Life Designer

Hi! I'm Amy

It all comes down to learning how life + relationships + business can work together so you can thrive, and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

Because you TRULY CAN have ALL you desire, EVEN IF you’ve tried and failed before!

Fast forward a decade, those years of anguish, simply surviving and searching for answers are the sole reason I am now here, waiting for you to experience the same transformation ;-)

I've lived the married roommate life

I've wondered - is this it - my life, right now, as good as it gets?

I've tried over and over again to figure out the secrets to having it ALL - the happy healthy life, connected relationships, & successful business

Yet, the most important thing I can share with you right now is that ....

Win At Work, Succeed At Life.

I'm featured in Michael Hyatt's book,

In Fact, It's Why...

One thing every person has in common... we all struggle with having it all. If you could say "yes" to full life change, would you do it?

They seek me out because I deliver this.

and it's pulled results from them like nothing else.

NFL and MLB professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial space --

I've seen this process work in the lives of my 1:1 clients --

let's get personal, shall we?

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Life, relationships, and/or business strategy... I've got you!

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René Banglesdorf, Founder and Coach of the Aviation Collective

​​“Amy’s unique position as both a counselor and a coach delivers a perspective that tackles the deepest objections and provides proven processes to get ‘unstuck.’ I can always count on her to tell me what I NEED to hear – even if it’s not always what I WANT to hear. I highly advise skipping this if you prefer the status quo.”

Jen Myers, Founder of Homeschool CEO

If you’re ready to discover your fullest potential, Amy Wine can take you there! She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions necessary to help you get real and lasting transformational results. Whether your life needs a complete reset or you feel like you’ve lost yourself in motherhood and the craziness of life, reach out and connect with Amy. You’ll be glad you did! 

Amy Bogue, CEO of Dutch Health Services

This course is a MUST if you need encouragement, focus, and a reset in your mindset. As a woman, life can be busy and chaotic as we try our best to multitask. If you are a working mom, keep up the good work! It is hard to find that balance and Amy will be your guide. Amy is wise and encouraging! Her wealth of knowledge and experience is key to this successful course. After you complete, consider purchasing one for a friend! Spread the love and knowledge!

Kate Walker, LPC/LMFT Supervisor and Founder of Kate Walker Training

Amy Wine graciously agreed to be a ‘Mentor of the Month’ presenter for members of my Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses group. Her presentation, "The Purposeful Week: Thriving in Life, Relationships, and Business,” could not have been more timely. Not only was I listening to her words, I was actually incorporating her message of acceptance and balance as I juggled technical difficulties on my end. Thank you, thank you Amy for your time and your message!

James Reid - “J.R.”, Founder and CEO of J. Reid Group

Amy is more than a trusted expert in my corner - she’s become THE go-to for my clients. I’m amazed at how quickly Amy earns trust with her clients and how elegantly she leverages it into transformation. There’s no nonsense with Amy. Just results. Sustainable, life-changing results.

Discover how to align with your true self, live a life on purpose, and form deep connections in your relationships.


You no longer have to wonder “how” you can achieve all your goals and dreams. You can rest easy knowing that together, we will map out your “how” in a personalized, real world manner. We will walk you through even the toughest of seasons into creating what you really want out of life. You can truly have it all (yes, truly, because I’ve done it myself and it can be true for you too).

You can create a life you can't wait to wake up to each morning with Jesus and a smile.