Raising Money-Smart Kids with the Power of GravyStack with Scott Donell

79: Raising Money-Smart Kids with the Power of GravyStack with Scott Donell

If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or anyone who has anything to do with kids, then I have a treat for you in this episode of Couch Time. I sat down with Scott Donell to talk about how we can educate children about money and give them the money skills they need to be successful and financially literate in their lives.  

Scott Donnell is the best-selling author of Value Creation Kid, the host of Smart Money Parenting, the top 1% parenting podcast on Apple Podcasts, and a visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of GravyStack, the banking and investment app for kids and teens that plays like a game. 

He also created Apex Leadership Co, the largest school fundraising franchise in America, and Hapbee Technologies, a public biotech company that focuses on mental health. Since 2011, his companies have taught leadership, fitness, and financial competency to over 6 million kids nationwide. 

Scott has been featured in Bloomberg, Fox, NBC, The Wall Street Reporter, and the Entrepreneur Franchise 500. Scott lives in Phoenix with his wife, Amy, and their four little value creators.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [6:59] – You may not feel qualified, but you need to train your kids on these practical skills to succeed in life 
  • [8:41] – Here’s how you can make learning about money fun for kids
  • [13:04] – This is how much the average family can save per month by using this app
  • [20:39] – What you need to understand about creating a legacy and generational wealth
  • [23:53] – The core five money skills kids learn with Gravy Stack
  • [25:07] – The three ways to create value in the world and how to do it
  • [32:33] – This is what happens when a kid is taught to create value
  • [34:36] – Your kids need heritage, not inheritance
  • [42:11] – Have these conversations with your kids to help them be more successful
  • [48:39] – The problems with allowance that you need to know

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Scott! Kids won’t understand money unless you teach them, and Scott’s new app Gravy Stack aims to gamify it so it’s actually fun and more kids can be successful. If you want to check out Gravy Stack yourself, head over to amywine.com/gravystack

You can also learn more from Scott by tuning into the Smart Money Parenting podcast and reading his book, Value Creation Kid. 



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