12: Are You and Your Spouse Living as Married Roommates?

Today’s episode may hit close to home for many of you.  Jon and I lived like roommates for YEARS in our marriage.  We simply co-existed, side by side, just going through the motions of daily life.  

Many of you have found yourselves feeling like roommates in your marriage.  You may feel like you have lost the “spark” you had when you were dating or in the early years. 

How do you move past this?  What are some things you can do to open up communication in your marriage?  How can you move past going through the motions and avoid living with resentment towards your spouse?

One of the most important things you must do is to find yourself and figure out what brings you joy….then you must be open and honest with your partner.  Without open communication, you will have a hard time avoiding it. 

I hope you guys listen in this week. I am excited to share with you a resource I created to help bring a spark back to your marriage!

On Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • How couples get into a married roommate situation in the first place
  • Why everyone has gone through or will go through a married roommate situation at some point in their relationship 
  • The fact that I like constant companionship and Jon doesn’t and how this affected our marriage in the beginning 
  • The importance of open communication in marriage 
  • Being able to speak up and tell your partner what is important to you and not letting it sit in silence which in turn builds resentment 
  • Why not knowing who you are or what brings you joy makes it easy to fall into a roommate situation 
  • Compromise in your marriage 
  • How you can learn to value your partner’s interests 
  • One of the biggest fights in our marriage
  • The constant power struggle couples face 
  • Why hearing and agreeing are two different things 
  • Actions you can go through to avoid becoming a married roommate 
  • Why values are so important in a relationship and how they can change over time 
  • The importance of exploring your core values 

I hope you really found today’s episode helpful.  I encourage you to explore your core values and share them with your partner.  It’s easy to put blame on your partner, but at the end of the day, you are the only person who can control your problems.  I want you to shift your focus from “me versus my partner” to “us as a team”.  

You must compromise and accept influence and learn yourself.  This is when you can start taking responsibility and get away from the married roommate situation. 

If you connect with any of today’s episode I encourage you to go to amywine.com and get on the waitlist for Married Roommates.  This is a super actionable course that will help you avoid living as married roommates and will help you get the light back in your marriage.  Jump on the waitlist here → www.amywine.com/married-roommates.



Additional Resources:

Take Your Marriage From Roommate Status to on FIRE –> Married Roommates

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