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It’s time to stop simply surviving and start thriving in your day to day! We all have the same 24 hours and it’s time to intentionally use them to live a life that represents who you are authentically, not who you think you should be.

Join Award-Winning Marriage & Family Therapist, High-Performance Business Coach, and 7-Figure Business Owner Amy Wine as you discover how to align with your true self, live a life on purpose, and form deep connections in your relationships.

One thing you will learn quickly is that Amy believes in Real Life, Real Relationships, and Real People. You will relate easily to her down to earth, often quirky, sometimes sassy manner as she discusses her own ups and downs in life, marriage, complete overwhelm in business, and always putting herself last lifestyle. She simply gets what you are going through as a high achieving, married mom.

Tune in and let’s AWAKEN your spirit on this soul-changing journey.

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The secret to spiritual rest isn’t a physical place or even a religious practice, it’s about being able to go to your place of rest wherever you are.

31: The 5th Type of God-Given Rest: Spiritual Rest

Health and Happiness

Many of us have learned to hide our emotions either as a skill in our professional lives or as a coping mechanism. Turns out, your emotions were never meant to be bottled up.

30: The 4th Type of God-Given Rest: Emotional Rest

The 4th Type of God-Given Rest: Emotional Rest

Much like my desk, our minds are full of clutter all day every day. When you learn how to tidy up your mind and release all the junk, it’s life-changing.

29: The 3rd Type of God-Given Rest: Mental Rest

The 3rd Type of God-Given Rest: Mental Rest

Excessive exposure to nonstop sensory information leaves us exhausted and leads to us taking our senses for granted. If you can learn to rest from a sensory perspective, you’ll be able to enjoy your senses again instead of being overwhelmed by them.

28: The 2nd Type of God-Given Rest: Sensory Rest

We’re starting our rest series with this episode on physical rest. Physical rest is broken down even further into two different types, so I’m covering what the types of physical rest are, what they look like, and the roles they play in your life.

27: The 1st Type of God-Given Rest: Physical Rest

The 1st Type of God-Given Rest: Physical Rest

The truth is, you can’t always fit everything in. You have to decide what is truly important to you and what you can take out of your schedule because it’s just taking up time you wish you could be spending on something else.

26: From Crowded To-Do Lists to Purposeful Weeks

In this episode, you will hear how Jon and I have healthy conversations about things that once would have caused huge arguments and hurt feelings in our relationship.

25: How My Husband and I Improved Our Communication and Prevented Stonewalling

How My Husband and I Improved Our Communication and Prevented Stonewalling

Stonewalling is avoiding conversations or refusing to talk to someone. It can be used unintentionally as a coping mechanism to minimize or avoid conflict, but it can also be used to manipulate or control a partner.

24: Is Stonewalling Causing Your Relationship Problems?

How often do you find yourself in a situation where someone starts talking to you and you are immediately thinking ahead to your defense or rebuttal? I want you to think about it for a moment because you might be doing this more than you realize.

23: How to Stop Defending and Start Listening

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