Deep Dive Series Part 3: Psychological Triggers and Roadblocks

44: Are You Out of Bounds?

Have you ever thought of your marriage as being like a football game? Probably not, but here’s what they have in common: staying within the boundaries is important if you want to win. 

So, how do you avoid going out of bounds in a marriage? I am discussing the important boundaries that every marriage needs by covering seven of the most common problems married couples encounter because they fail to set boundaries. 

Discover how negative patterns of behavior, communication, and mindset can ultimately destroy your marriage if you don’t take action now, and learn why boundaries are not meant to stifle you but to create healthy and necessary limitations on how you speak to and treat your spouse when times get tough.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The healthy boundaries that need to be in place to protect your marriage
  • What stonewalling is and why it happens to some couples
  • Why you should never use sex as a bargaining chip in your marriage 
  • The habits that disconnect you from your spouse
  • What to do when other people (or you) are speaking negatively about your spouse
  • How damaging secrets can be
  • Why you shouldn’t stay in an abusive relationship

Listen in and count your score out of seven. Are you crossing all of these boundaries? How can you break the cycle? If you’re crossing the line in your marriage, this episode will enlighten and empower you to change your ways and save your marriage before it’s too late.

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