Ask Amy Wine: Clearing Mental Space to Hear God’s Voice

In this episode of Ask Amy Wine, Amy addresses the question, “How do I declutter my mind so that I can hear God tell me who I am?” She provides practical strategies for clearing mental space, creating a calming ritual, and developing a practice to hear God’s voice more clearly. Amy also emphasizes the importance of Scripture, sensory focus, and gradually building your ability to sit in stillness.

Topics Discussed

  1. Clearing Mental Space:
    • The significance of writing down everything that’s cluttering your mind.
    • How this practice helps reduce mental overload and improve focus.
  2. Creating a Calming Environment:
    • Finding a comfortable space where you enjoy being.
    • Using soft music or nature sounds to train your brain to relax.
  3. Engaging Your Senses:
    • Techniques to focus on what you feel, hear, and smell to refocus your brain.
    • The benefits of paying attention to sensory details to calm your mind.
  4. Incorporating Prayer:
    • How to add prayer into your routine once you’ve created a calm mental space.
    • Different ways people hear God’s guidance and how to recognize it.
  5. Utilizing the Bible and Journaling:
    • The importance of reading Scripture to understand God’s message of love and worthiness.
    • How journaling can help you process your thoughts and receive insights from God.

Key Takeaways

  • When your mind is cluttered, it’s usually a lack of clarity or overwhelm. Take it head to hand, write it down.
  • You are loved, you are wanted, you are worthy. God tells you this in His scripture.
  • Training your brain to calm down and focus takes practice, but it is absolutely possible.

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