23: Ask Amy: Answers to Your Most Burning Questions about Marriage

Today is the day I focus on you, my dear listeners, as I answer and voice my opinion on some of your most frequently asked questions about marriage. Allow me to shed light on matters such as being friends with exes, marriage curfews (really now?), and trust issues.

I will also reveal a personal mistake you shouldn’t have to repeat.

Learn about jealousy, the urge to control and using sex, or the lack of it, as a punishment.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The truth about platonic relationships
  • Where to draw the line with family, friends, and exes
  • If you should share social media and mobile phone access with your spouse
  • How to solve sex frequency issues
  • The importance of communicating expectations upfront

Listen in and determine whether you’re really putting your marriage as your top priority. Focus on spots where you can make adjustments. Together, let’s get to the bottom of some of the most common marriage problems. If you’re ready for tough, real answers, this episode is for you.



“If you’re going to be friends with somebody of the opposite sex, your spouse better be involved.” – Amy

“People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” – Amy


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