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8: Being Perfectly Imperfect and How That Relates to Your Marriage

Is your marriage perfectly imperfect? 

I know you guys will be excited because my hubby Jon is back on the show!  Today we are covering an interesting topic…Being imperfect in your life and marriage. 

I want to ask you guys something.  How often do you expect your spouse to be perfect? Do you ever consider the fact that you are not perfect, yet you expect your spouse to be? I know I am guilty! 

Jon and I share how we overcame having very high expectations of one another in the beginning of our marriage.  It wasn’t easy to do, but that’s why we are here….to walk you through it! You will hear the lessons we have learned from accepting that no one is perfect.

On Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • Amateur hour on the podcast- our first four episodes and how we have improved 🙂 
  • Why we would want to do a podcast and put ourselves out there for judgment from others
  • Being perfectly imperfect and how that relates to marriage
  • Ways that we expect our spouses to be perfect
  • Jon’s expectations of me in our marriage 
  • Why Jon got disappointed when I didn’t meet his expectations
  • My expectations for Jon
  • The importance of communication when it comes to dealing with imperfection in a marriage
  • Dealing with negative overwhelm in a marriage
  • Finding common ground in a marriage
  • The power of talking out your expectations to your spouse
  • Understanding our perfectly imperfect partners

Key Quote from the Episode:

([22:19]): We do have these stereotypes and these perceptions about how the perfect marriage and the perfect household and everything should be when in reality that’s just not the case.


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