Negotiating Your Marital Style

19: An 18 Year Old’s View on Marriage: A Sit Down Chat with My Son, Austin

What effects can our marital conflicts have on our children? And what can we do to decrease stress and boost intimacy regardless of family stressors and other outside factors?

In this episode, I’m joined by my 18-year-old son and budding entrepreneur, Austin who offers a fresh take on marriage and parenting from the other side. I get his thoughts on marriage, conflict and he offers some blush-inducing, yet accurate advice. Listen in for his unique perspective and my top tips to avoid becoming marriage-roommates.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Our son’s take on our marriage
  • The ways conflict may be affecting your children.
  • Why we sometimes choose to fight over the small things in relationships.
  • Tips for improving intimacy and how to avoid being married-roommates.


Episode Highlights:

[0:03] Meet Amy & John

[00:51] Spark! Reignite your marriage

[01:20] Meet our son, Austin

[01:54] How parental conflict affects him

[04:46] What it means to be a “Karen”

[06:48] Fighting about small things

[09:14] What Austin would change about his parent’s relationship

[10:34] Thoughts on how he affects his parent’s marriage

[11:41] What can couples do to overcome conflict

[12:25] Should married-roommates stay together?

[14:37] Amy’s tips for boosting intimacy in your marriage



“I’ve learned to deal with people of all types and just turn the shoulder or kill them with kindness really.   It is probably better than getting into conflicts and then you end up getting fired and nothing really happens to them.”- Austin [05:26]

“We start fighting about the small things because sometimes the big things are too hard to even address.”- Amy [8:08]

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