The Quickest Way to Change Negative Thought Patterns

105: Cultivating Unshakeable Confidence in Life and Business

In this episode of Couch Time, we are talking about a topic that resonates with each one of us, no matter how high we think we’ve climbed that ladder of success – confidence! 

Confidence is that elusive, powerful force that can be that wind beneath our wings… or the anchor holding us back.

I want to show you what I do with my elite performers so that you too can show up knowing exactly what confidence is and how to grow it. 

Join me in unpacking confidence. I’m ready to help you understand it and most importantly, learn how to cultivate it consistently and purposefully.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [2:53] – Confidence isn’t just about strutting in a room and owning it. Here’s what else you need to keep in mind
  • [7:50] – Here’s how you’re going to build the muscle of confidence 
  • [11:20] – The difference between setting goals and intentions
  • [12:02] – Is your inner voice your greatest ally or greatest critic?
  • [13:00] – Stop treating your failures like they’re the end of the world 
  • [13:30] – Confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Here’s what you have to do
  • [14:40] – Don’t forget to celebrate your progress along the way
  • [20:08] – Here’s how you’re going to maintain that confidence- even in challenging times

I hope this episode helps you embrace the journey of building confidence. Know you’re not alone. Whether it’s through resources of Thrive Life TV that has a community of like-minded individuals, your personal networks, a therapist, a friend, or me, there’s a wealth of support and wisdom available to you. 

Don’t do this in isolation! Lean on it, learn from it, and let it bolster your confidence.

Join us in Thrive Life TV or Elevate 2024 Live to go even deeper into this topic! 



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