9: Demon Dialogues and How They Are Affecting Your Marriage

Today on the show I will be covering demon dialogues and how they come into play with each partner. We will be talking about the bad guy in the relationship and the protest. 

So I know many of you are going to be totally bummed, but I will be recording another solo episode today. Jon is actually in the next room working on a major presentation for work, but he will be back soon, so don’t fret! 

I think many of you are going to really resonate with the example I go over of a husband and wife named Evelyn and Chris. Chris and Evelyn go through the attack withdrawal cycle.  At one point they did not know if they could even save their relationship. I have been at this point before. Scary! 

Before we wrap up the episode, you’ll be fully equipped to smell an attack withdrawal cycle coming and you’ll know how to attack it before it attacks your marriage.

On Today’s Episode I Discuss: 

  • A pattern on how to identify the bad guy in a relationship
  • Why the silent partner that refuses to engage is also aggressive
  • The attack withdrawal pattern and how to spot it 
  • How to stop the attack withdrawal cycle
  • Steps for getting out of the attack withdrawal cycle

Never shy away from asking for help. If you try out the steps shared in the episode and you fail, seek help. There are so many people who allow this cycle to lead to divorce.  Don’t let that be you. 


Do you have any questions?  What can I help you with? Do you think you and your spouse or partner deal with this cycle?  DM me on Instagram @theamywine and let me know what you thought about this episode. I would love to connect!



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