Fan Favorite Replay: Taking Control Of Your Finances In Times Of Crisis

63: Fan Favorite Replay: Taking Control Of Your Finances In Times Of Crisis

Previously, we talked about the circle of control that helps us stay positive during tough times. This time, let’s dive deep into one area that many people cringe just thinking about: Finances!

In this episode of Couch Time, I’m sharing a replay of one of my favorite episodes where I dive into how you can take control of your finances in times of crisis. 

If you’re like me, you may hate numbers and budgeting, but it’s high time you do some diligence to better weather the storm we’re in. Make sure to tune in to today’s episode because I will be talking about your financial priorities which is something you can control.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How your view of money and how it differs from that of your spouse affects your marriage
  • Financial steps to take in times of crisis
  • How you can get expert advice on finances
  • Resources available to you for better financial health
  • How to build an emergency savings

What you do during this time is so important. Forget panic buying at the grocery store! You’ve got to know what to do when tough situations pop up. You must have the will to take action and the right positive vibe to spread a feeling of calm and peace in your marriage and to your whole family.

Don’t forget to reach out on Instagram.  Let me know what changes you have made to your finances as a couple or as a family.  What struggles are you still having when it comes to getting things set up and on the same page? 

Reach out! I love hearing from you. 



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