Perfectionism in marriage

4: Getting Clear About Commitment

On today’s episode of the Marriage on Fire podcast we talk about responsibility, duty, devotion, obligation, and commitment. Do you see these things showing up in your marriage?  These things are all SUPER important in relationships so I am excited to dive in and cover this important topic!

On Today’s Episode We Discuss:

  • Our definition of commitment
  • The importance of putting others first in some instances
  • How Jon felt single when I felt married at the same time
  • Millennials definition of commitment and how it looks different than Jon’s
  • The importance of looking beyond physical attraction 
  • Why threats in marriage are not helpful
  • The impact of words and beliefs on relationships
  • How vulnerability is one of the strongest bonds you can create in a marriage
  • The commitment exercise every couple needs to try
  • Crying wolf in your relationship
  • The commitment question every couple should ask each other 


Resources Mentioned:

Movie: Defending the Caveman

Dictionary Definition of Commitment 


Additional Resources:

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