6: Go from Surviving to Thriving in Your Marriage

On today’s episode of the Marriage on Fire podcast I will be doing a solo show packed full of information on the importance of communication in your marriage. For so many years, Jon and I felt more like roommates than partners.  I want you to be different. I want to encourage you to have open communication in your marriage and to make sure to have devoted time together. One thing I can promise you is that you will always have disagreements as a couple, but it is how you react and work through the conflict that allows you to have a marriage that thrives.

On Today’s Episode I Discuss: 

  • Disagreements in marriage and why they are normal 
  • Why it’s ok that every marriage has some sort of conflict 
  • How to handle conflict differently than you have in the past 
  • Why it’s ok to not agree or align, even on the simple issues
  • Negative cycles in your marriage 
  • What shaming can sound like and how to avoid it 
  • Withdrawing and fighting back  
  • How situations that haven’t been repaired in the past will come back to haunt you 
  • Healthy ways to say you’re sorry
  • How Jon and I communicate differently now to make our marriage work 
  • Why anger feels like a powerful emotion when it’s actually an out of control one. 
  • Why the secret to anger is you
  • The importance of repairing fights in your marriage so you can move forward
  • The importance of being able to take a break before having a serious conversation 
  • How to be aware of your nonverbal and verbal responses and triggers
  • How to validate and acknowledge each other’s efforts towards change
  • The importance of scheduling time to talk when times are quiet and calm 
  • How to quit living side by side with no communication 


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