Healing Your Gut Issues and Getting Your Confidence Back with Kelly Cleveringa

81: Healing Your Gut Issues and Getting Your Confidence Back with Kelly Cleveringa

Are you like the millions of people struggling with stomach issues? 

In this episode of Couch Time, I sat down with Kelly Cleveringa to talk about what issues with your gut look like, what could be causing them, and most importantly, how to heal your body from the inside out. 

Kelly is a Gut Health Dietitian and Health Coach. With almost 10 years in the nutrition field, her superpower is to see what’s holding you back and guide you to breaking through so your health goals become your reality. 

She specializes in the areas of IBS, Weight Loss, and Beauty from the Inside Out. Her vision is to guide women back to feeling confident in their bodies so they can live extraordinary lives.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [4:24] – The truth about showing up as your most authentic self when you’re a coach
  • [6:26] – How Kelly came to realize that so many people struggle with stomach issues
  • [8:57] – You are not alone with your stomach pain. Here’s the secret sauce to healing
  • [10:00] – This is how to rebuild your gut strength
  • [12:46] – Ready to increase your fiber intake? Eat these foods
  • [16:16] – What your blood sugar issues are really coming from
  • [20:09] – Here’s what you need to understand about your microbiome
  • [30:16] – Sometimes your stomach issues are connected to your mental health
  • [31:56] – This is how stress impacts your digestion
  • [36:05] – How you can get started working with Kelly 

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Kelly! She shared so much information that I had never even heard of before so I was so grateful to have her join me on the Couch. If you are ready to finally start healing your gut, you can check out Kelly’s website to get started. 

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