Help Your Kids Choose a College Major and Career Path with Lisa Marker-Robbins

16: Help Your Kids Choose a College Major and Career Path with Lisa Marker-Robbins

How can you help your kids choose a college major and career path? 

This is a question that so many parents have as their children near the end of high school, but there aren’t that many resources available to them. That’s where our guest for this episode, Lisa Marker-Robbins, comes in. 

Lisa helps students figure out who they are and how to pick their paths, and she also serves the moms who want to see their kids thrive. I’m super excited to have Lisa join us for this episode to talk us through some resources, methods, and ideas available to help us support our 16 to 25-year-olds on their journeys. 

Lisa Marker-Robbins is an entrepreneur with two brands, one new in 2021. Her heart is in serving others to find and thrive in their purpose. While the majority of her work is with teens and young adults, she serves their parents too. She is a wife to Rob and mother of three grown children and two step-children. She’s living her best life and enjoying the empty nest years in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I wish I had known Lisa a few years ago when I had high school kids, so I hope I can help you out by introducing you to her. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to help your kids choose a career path
  • Common concerns that moms have 
  • How to motivate your kids 
  • The art of tackling overwhelm with your kids 
  • That your kids might not know how to express their fears 
  • How to help your kids see all their options 
  • Why you shouldn’t do something just because you’re good at it 
  • How to help your kids follow their dreams 
  • The importance of knowing your values 
  • Why you need to move out of the driver’s seat of your kid’s life 

Start doing this work early if you can. Get ahead of the pain points that so many high school seniors face. If your kids are already that age, it’s okay! It’s not too late to help them. Check out Lisa’s links below to find out how she can help you. 

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