I'm a high achieving hot mess!

I’m a High-Achieving Hot Mess

I’m good at a number of things, such as:

  • being able to speak for you with your spouse and say exactly what you’re trying to say but don’t know how.  I’ve been told, it is like I read your mind.
  • getting children to pinpoint the feelings they don’t yet have the words to say
  • motivating women to work through their junk and stop avoiding it
  • helping business owners achieve their dreams in life and biz by breaking it down into small actionable steps.

I’m really good at these things. Scary good! No, this is not my ego talking here; it is what others tell me and sometimes if you know you know!

BUT…I’m also frazzled, undirected, and overwhelmed by choice. Sometimes because I’m good at so many things I create more obligations for myself. I create overwhelm. I stay busy, yet lost at the same time.

Here is what I’ve found out about my hot mess. Achievement is NOT the problem. Alignment IS the problem. When I don’t make the choice to connect with something bigger than myself, I falter. If I’m not working in alignment with my God given purpose, I falter. If I don’t bring the joy everyday in what I do, I falter.

For You on the Daily: 

GO connect with something bigger than you. SEARCH for alignment in your purpose. BRING the joy every day and you will see that your Hot Mess disappears!

And if you haven’t already, listen to my podcast episode, Don’t Hide From Your Purpose, where I share why I was hiding and what I did to get clear on my purpose.

Please, please comment and tell me you understand what I’m saying.  

How many Hot Messes do we have here today? Go ahead and own it! I do! It is a daily occurrence. I might be good at a lot of things, but I’m not perfect!


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I’m a small-town Oklahoma girl living the big city life in Houston, Texas with even BIGGER dreams. I was an elementary school teacher turned marriage and family therapist with a passion for helping families live their best lives.

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