How the Awaken Me Course Can Help Build Self-Confidence with Dana Broadhead

20: How the Awaken Me Course Can Help Build Self-Confidence with Dana Broadhead

What’s it like to go through the Awaken Me course? Find out from someone who’s done it. 

Dana Broadhead has been on a transformational journey since she started Awaken Me, and she’s here to share some of that journey with us. 

Dana is talking about what it’s like to be in Awaken Me, being a community builder, and the power of believing in yourself. She knows what it’s like to not see for yourself what others see in you and she also knows what it takes to overcome that and start having confidence in yourself. 

Dana describes herself as “your average housewife”, but she isn’t so average! She is quirky, silly, and all herself! Dana is a mother of three, a blessed grandma, and a lover of elephants, Volkswagens, her family and Jesus. She is passionate about writing and poetry and has a purpose to love and help others. Dana likes seeing people smile, and keeping them uplifted. Recently, she has found her identity and her identity in Christ! She is happy again, and living a life she loves.

I’m so excited to have Dana on the podcast sharing her beautiful, authentic self and her journey with us. 

I want you to be open to getting what you need out of this episode. Not everyone will have the same takeaways and that’s okay, so take what resonates with you and leave the rest. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The value of working on your identity 
  • How to accept support 
  • The power of feeling comfortable in a community 
  • That it’s okay if you need to be reminded who you are 
  • Why you need to work on your own timeline 
  • What it takes to believe in yourself
  • Why you should give yourself grace for doing the best you could with the knowledge you had 

You can find your passion and your purpose no matter what you’ve been through. Show up for yourself and don’t be afraid of the unknown. Take the leap of faith.

If you enjoy this episode and you want to do more of this work in your life, the Awaken Me course is for you. Awaken Me is a step-by-step self-rediscovery course designed to reintroduce you to the most important person in your life — yourself! If you want to be the first to know when the doors open, you need to get on the waitlist at



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