How to Get the Most Out Of Coaching with Dr. Obidi

38: How to Get the Most Out Of Coaching with Dr. Obidi

How could a coach change your life and business?

In this episode, I’m joined by board-certified pediatrician Dr. Obidi to talk about coaching and leadership from a business and personal perspective. 

Dr. Obidi has some amazing insight into the value of coaching and how to approach coaching with the right mindset. He’s also touching on the importance of delegating when it comes to trying to balance different areas of your life. 

Dr. Obidi is a board-certified pediatrician practicing for over 17 years in Western Maryland where he also lives with his wife and their three kids. He holds a master’s In Public Health from Columbia University’s School of Public Health, with a concentration in maternal and child health. He is the founder and CEO of Partners In Pediatrics and Family Health, a family medical practice, where he leads a team of 4 family medical providers caring for both pediatric and adult patients. 

He is also the CEO of Newborn Prep Academy where he runs an online course called The Newborn Preparation Course that helps new expectant and recently delivered moms to understand how to care for their newborn baby and what to expect so they can feel confident and empowered as new moms and ultimately enjoy their babies.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How coaching allows you to understand and embrace yourself 
  • The value of being your authentic self
  • What a good coach does 
  • How to approach coaching 
  • What it takes to balance different areas of your life 
  • The importance of being open to help 
  • How to get better at delegating effectively 

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a coach, hiring a coach, or both, I hope this episode gives you something to think about. As you’ll hear in the episode, Dr. Obidi and I are both huge advocates of hiring a coach. 

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