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52: How To Prevent Conflict And Navigate The Holidays As A Couple

Where is your family heading for the holidays? To visit your family? Your husband’s family? Maybe you are hosting everyone at your house this year!

Whatever your plans are, discuss and negotiate them well before the holidays hit. Last-minute plans usually end up in a fight (at least they did for us).

I wish I could say Jon and I always had our family holiday plans figured out months in advance.  I also wish I could say that we always agreed on them, but that would be a big fat lie. For many years of our marriage, things around the holidays caused a lot of stress and chaos in our families and between us as a couple.

This episode is here to help you navigate the holidays and prevent conflict as much as possible!

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The delicate balancing act of trying to please everyone during the holidays 
  • How to avoid setting up false expectations 
  • The importance of setting expectations and boundaries with your family 
  • The stress of trying to please everyone and keep certain schedules
  • The importance of the “core family” and why they should come first 
  • Why we set false and vague expectations to avoid conflict and how it can backfire
  • The golden rule for handling parents 
  • Questions you should be asking each other when planning your holidays 
  • How to set expectations as a couple

I pray you and your families have a wonderful holiday season together wherever you end up! I hope this episode helps set you up for success as you navigate family relationships throughout the holidays. 

Remember that I love hearing from you, so reach out to me on Instagram @amywimeco and let me know where you are heading for the holidays and how you tackle the holidays as a couple. 

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See you here again next week. Until then, Happy Holidays! 



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