How to Work Well With Your Spouse as an Entrepreneur with Ashley Shaw

15: How to Work Well With Your Spouse as an Entrepreneur with Ashley Shaw

Have you thought about bringing your spouse home to work in your business with you?

For a lot of mompreneurs, that’s the dream. Today’s guest, Ashley Shaw, knows all about the highs and lows of working with your spouse, and she’s here on the podcast sharing some of the most valuable lessons she’s learned. 

Ashley also knows what it’s like to have a baby whilst managing a business and she’s touching on that experience in this episode too. 

Each person in a marriage or business partnership brings their own experiences (good and bad) to the table. Learning to make space for both perspectives and communicate effectively is key to the success of both the marriage and the business. 

Ashley is the leading expert in social selling for network marketers and grew a 7 figure business in just 3 years with only 7,012 social media followers. She is famous for turning regular people into micro-celebrities who easily attract their ideal customers like a magnet, without chasing everyone or being even remotely “salesy.” She’s the author of Celebrity Magnetism and host of the Social Selling Simplified podcast. Her success has given her the freedom to retire her husband, travel between their 3 vacation rentals, and enjoy raising their daughter by the beach. Now she’s dedicated to teaching others how to become successful social sellers and experience the same freedom in their own lives.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of finding your own inspiration and motivation 
  • Why reaching a goal doesn’t feel the way we expect it to 
  • How to identify things from your childhood that are affecting you now 
  • The patterns and themes running through the stories in your life 
  • The importance of communicating as a couple in business together 
  • How to set boundaries between work and home when you work with your spouse 
  • How to continue managing your business as a new mom
  • The power of hiring help 
  • What’s keeping you from taking action 

Whether you plan to work with your spouse soon or you already do, I hope this episode is helpful for you. I hope you’re inspired to think about the balance you have between home and work and what works best for your family!

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