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Just a Speck

As I usually do, I was sitting outside with Jesus this morning looking up into the dark sky where I see a tiny speck of light moving. It was the size of a star. When I realized it was an airplane, I heard a voice saying, “Inconsequential yet significant.” But in that moment, I was confused because I couldn’t figure out how that plane could be both inconsequential and significant at the same time. It bothered me so much I went old school (Okay, not really…I did it on Google. LOL) and looked up the meaning of  inconsequential in the dictionary. It means insignificant, unimportant. Its opposite is significant

How can that speck be inconsequential and significant at the same time? Yet those words were clearly what I heard. I also thought, God made that. So I asked, “Lord, help me understand.”

The plane was no bigger than a speck. That tiny dot in the sky seemed insignificant, yet the plane in reality is bigger than my backyard, which also makes it significant. What am I missing? The plane is bigger than me, yet up there in the sky, it’s just a speck. God is bigger than me, yet down here He’s just a speck. God is bigger than me yet I’ve only seen a speck of His glory, His plan, His light. Just a speck…so stop limiting what God can do and what He will do. Just follow, lead, and be with Him. This is my priority. 

WOW! That speck became powerful real quick.  

If something is just a speck, does that mean it's insignificant? What "speck" are you grateful for today?

If something is just a speck, does that mean it’s insignificant? What “speck” are you grateful for today?

Questions for you…

What is something in your life that seems inconsequential, only a speck, that actually might be significant?  

How have you limited God to just a speck? 

Can’t wait to meet you in the comments.

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