Lessons from the 4th of July

4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year. Happy Independence Day!

Yes, my favorite holiday of all time is not Christmas or Thanksgiving or even Easter…it is 4th of July!⁠

I get this day being my favorite holiday is a bit quirky, weird, or perhaps odd, but I own it! I’ve never even met another person who would claim this is their favorite holiday of all time.

I’m all good with flying solo on this one!

For me, it reminds me of times spent at my Grandma’s farm, picking up turtles on the road for the family turtle race, going to the park to ride the train, then a fireworks show!

It is also a reminder of the one and only time I got swatted with the flyswatter from my grandma. At 50, it is still very much etched in my mind!

I have a BIG ASK OF YOU TODAY and no, it isn’t to follow in my footsteps and make 4th of July your favorite holiday…

It is to NOT DO on your favorite holiday what I have done in the past.

Because this day mattered so much to me in childhood, I wanted nothing more than to recreate it perfectly for my children, complete with a fireworks show, a wonderful buffet of food, and even 4th of July china (yes, it’s a thing).

Heck, I even bought turtles one year for the turtle race. Because you don’t just find those in the road in Houston, Texas!

I didn’t think that one through very well and we had 4 turtles as pets for years! Sigh!

The point is, I spent so much time making this the perfect holiday for my family and friends that I…

…wore myself to the point of exhaustion.

…spent the day running around instead of talking to my favorite people.

…being angry when I didn’t feel anyone appreciated my efforts.

I was being a Martha (not Martha Stewart, although I was striving for that level of a perfectly decorated 4th of July!).

When Jesus joined his two friends for dinner, Martha and Mary, he sat down to tell them some stories. Mary sat and listened intently, but Martha was busy doing the things we can relate to: cooking, cleaning up, setting the table.

We often confuse a lot of activity as part of our identity. My identity was to have a picture-perfect 4th of July so everyone would love it as much as me!

But truly, what my people would have loved more was me to just play, laugh, talk, SIT DOWN, and choose them.

Paper plates work! (but, please get the themed ones, we can’t stop everything! LOL!)

Now tell me in the comments: What is your favorite holiday?

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