Mindset Makeover: Building an Empire from the Ground Up with Jerome Maldonado

85: Mindset Makeover: Building an Empire from the Ground Up with Jerome Maldonado

What does it take to build an empire from the ground up?

I am so excited for this episode of Couch Time because I sat down with Jerome Maldonado to talk about all things real estate, entrepreneurship, leadership, and the mindset shift it takes to stop caring what others think and chase after your dreams.  

Jerome Maldonado is a highly successful real estate investor, business owner, coach, and speaker. Inspired by his parents’ dedicated work ethic, Jerome has always had a hunger for success and a willingness to do whatever it took to make his vision for his life a reality. Starting from scratch, he struggled for many years to get his business off the ground, but from this, he learned what it really takes to build an empire from the ground up.  

Over the span of his 20-year career, Jerome has done over $380 million in in-house transactions, with $150 million in 2022 alone. His unique ability to streamline results is what makes Jerome’s knowledge and experience so powerful. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [4:42] – The thing that drives you to get up and keep going every day
  • [6:10] – The struggles that Jerome overcame in his early years that led him to entrepreneurship
  • [10:20] – Want to be an entrepreneur? This is the most important attribute
  • [17:23] – Why Jerome started buying failing businesses
  • [22:45] – Is now a good time to get into real estate? Here’s what you need to know
  • [35:07] – You have to start thinking like there are no limits to what you can do
  • [39:01] – This is the only guarantee if you don’t even try to chase your goals
  • [40:53] – This is what happens when you stop caring what other people think
  • [45:41] – Everything you need to know about working with Jerome

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Jerome! I just love how he keeps it real about life and success as an entrepreneur. If you want to be successful, you have to have the right mindset. You really can do anything you want to do if you have the right teachers and the drive to make it happen! 

If you are ready to work with Jerome, you can find out more about how to do that on his website or by following him on social media! 

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