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92: Money & Marriage: Understanding Your Money Meanings

What does money mean to you? What does it mean to your spouse?

Money is something concrete. It’s dollars and cents. It’s also conceptual. It symbolizes values, preferences, and emotions. 

But the tricky thing about money is the conceptual and the concrete. They mutually influence each other. So the attitude you hold about money changes how you spend the dollars and contributes to how you feel from day to day. 

Differences in money attitudes are usually at the root of all financial conflict in marriage. Needless to say, it’s pretty important to get on the same page. 

So in this episode of Couch Time, we are taking a deep dive into how to have the money conversation with your spouse and create a plan for managing your finances as a team. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • 4: 48 – What does money mean to you? Here are the four common money meanings
  • [12:21] – The connection between money and emotions from the heart
  • [15:20] – You have to stop making money decisions through the lens of pain
  • [16:08] – These are the stages couples go through to try and build trust around money
  • [19:40] – How do you even have the money conversation? Here are some guidelines
  • [21:42] – Watch out for these four marriage killers in communication
  • [25:50] – Need a break from conflict? Here are the rules to follow 
  • [32:00] – These are the two most common barriers to healthy conversation
  • [38:25] – Ready to get your money in order and get a system in place? Here’s how to do it
  • [45:09] – These are the three areas of money management that you and your partner must agree on
  • [49:11] – The limits on money you need to be aware of 

I hope you found this episode helpful and that you’re able to take these tips and tricks and use them to get on the same page as your partner when it comes to money so that you can start focusing on what’s really important- your relationship. 

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