83: Money Talks: Navigating the Storms of Financial Strife

God has been telling me to share a story with you, so in this solo episode of Couch Time, I’m getting open and honest with you in hopes it will help you too. 

It can be really scary to put yourself out there, but when I know that I can share something that will impact someone in a helpful way, I know that I have to talk about it. 

So in this episode, I am diving into a subject that is kind of embarrassing for me to talk about- finances. This has never been my strength, and if I’m being honest, I still struggle with it. 

My whole life,  I have battled financial issues, I even almost lost my marriage because of it. But when I really dug deep, I discovered what was truly keeping me from the financial stability I needed, and I’m sharing that one thing in this episode. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [3:06] – The uncomfortable truth about my relationship with finances
  • [7:18] – This is how I ended up living in my car
  • [11:48] – A testament to why people really can change if they want to 
  • [13:37] – I hit my lowest point. Here’s how I came out of it
  • [18:17] – The truth about what happened when my business hit the $1 million mark
  • [21:11] – This one thing has stopped me from doing better financially 

What is your scary? If you haven’t figured it out, you’ve got to pray. You’ve got to wait. You’ve got to read the Bible and you have got to journal it out. And I promise you it’ll come at right at the right time. Finding your thing and getting to the root of it will change everything. 

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