10: Programming Your Mind for a Happy Marriage

Are you doing things on a daily basis that are making you happy?  In today’s episode, I will be talking about ways you can program your mind for a happy marriage.  We all know when we have those bad days and something negative happens and then it just seems to spiral from there.  One small negative builds upon another, and another, and before you know it, you implode. 

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy?  Some people might say it would be a shiny new sports car or a new house.  Maybe you think a new pair of shoes would do it. There are so many of us that think we will be happier when something new or different happens, but most of the time that never comes.  You get the new car or the new house and you are still unhappy. It’s crucial to strive to be happier, right now, right where you are because it will save you a whole lot of hurt if not. 

We get lost worrying about the future. I encourage you to stop wasting your days and your time and live happy now.  I am excited to dive into today’s episode! I hope you are too.

On Today’s Episode I Discuss: 

  • The story of my depression years ago
  • Why my counselor told me to “just sit and be still” and I laughed at him! 
  • The time when I thought I broke my own therapist 
  • The journey of trying to silence my mind- it wasn’t easy!
  • The time I broke down and cried to myself for 6 straight weeks 
  • Why you are not responsible for someone else’s happiness
  • Rediscovering myself
  • The importance of taking responsibility for yourself 
  • Why people have a hard time pulling out of the negative cycle 
  • What steps you can follow to become a happier person
  • The damaging effects of self-pity in a marriage
  • Quitting the blame game
  • The truth about resentment and how it affects a marriage

That wraps up today’s episode.  The number one thing to remember is to have a habit of happiness in your marriage. To do this, you have to work on your own happiness and not blame anyone else.  You can’t have self-pity and resentment. Remember that happiness for yourself is within you. 

I encourage you to ask yourself- what can I do right now to change my attitude and get the negative self talk out?  Head over to Instagram and tag me @theamywine and tell me what your biggest obstacle is. Share with me how you plan to incorporate more happiness into your life and marriage.  Let me help you walk through some of your struggles. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode! I am excited to see you all back here next week. 



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