Raising Confident Kids: Building Self-Esteem from an Early Age with Laurel Handfield

82: Raising Confident Kids: Building Self-Esteem from an Early Age with Laurel Handfield

Wondering how you can improve the confidence of your kids from an early age?

I have a treat for you! In this episode of Couch Time, I sat down with Laurel Handfield to talk about how we can improve the self-esteem of our kids. Laurel is a powerful voice for kids and a true change-maker and I know you are going to love her. 

Our self-esteem has a huge impact on our lives and the way we feel about ourselves even as kids influences our whole identity. So how can we make sure our kids are confident and happy in their own skin? 

Laurel is here to share all of her best tips today!

Laurel Handfield is the owner and creator of Happy Island Press, a publisher that creates coloring/activity books for children of color. Her work has been featured in Highlights for Children magazine and the award-winning apps Farfaria.com and Readabilitytutor.com. To date, she has written over 100 children’s stories and articles.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [3:47] – The truth about why Laurel is so passionate about self-esteem in kids
  • [7:25] – You need to appreciate your beauty as you get older, not just when you’re younger
  • [8:44] – We have to help our children understand this one thing about beauty
  • [9:55] – Ready to improve your child’s self-esteem? Here’s how to do it
  • [11:22] – Here’s how you can foster deeper connections with your child
  • [21:29] – There is power in knowing who you are at an early age
  • [27:01] – This is how foundational self-esteem influences your life and identity
  • [34:05] – Here’s why your perception matters more than you think
  • [36:12] – This is how you can do better when building your kids’ self-esteem

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Laurel! If you loved what she has to say, I highly recommend you check out her books and read them to your kids! Check them out on Amazon. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram. 

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