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64: Replay: Our Biggest Fight Ever & How We Recovered From It

In this replay episode of Couch Time, I’m sharing an episode where we dive into one of our biggest marriage fights.

This is THE fight that we’ve referred to in previous podcasts so I think it’s important to share this episode again. Not only do we explain what this fight was about, but we’re also giving you various ways to repair your relationship after an argument because you’re always going to have arguments within marriage. 

We’re going to tell you our story because I have had listeners email me and tell me they really want to know about this fight! After we recap it, we’re going to talk about how we repaired it.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • All the details of the Ohio State vs. Oklahoma Sooners fight
  • The Gottman repair list 
  • What makes a repair effective
  • The importance of trying to repair your relationship after a big fight as quickly as possible
  • Why you should really get to know your partner’s world during peaceful times. 
  • How to nurture your fondness and admiration for each other.
  • Why it’s important to turn towards each other instead of turning away, this leads to respect on a physical level. 

You’re always going to have arguments in marriage. Even the best marriages do. It’s important to repair as soon as possible and not let anger fester any longer than it has to. 

Learn from the argument, and if at all possible, know what triggered it. What can be done differently? And again, get back on the same page and get back together. 



Resources Mentioned:

Dr. John Gottman Repair Checklist

Additional Resources:

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