Replay: Quick Tips For Putting Intimacy Back In Your Marriage Using The CLEAVE Acronym

66: Replay: Quick Tips For Putting Intimacy Back In Your Marriage Using The CLEAVE Acronym

In today’s episode of Couch Time, I’m sharing a replay of one of my favorite episodes. In this episode, I did something a little different.  This will be short and sweet, but value-packed, so I hope you tune in.  

Today’s episode was inspired by a book written by Everett Worthington called Hope-Focused Marriage.  I have used these suggestions many times in my counseling sessions with married couples so I hope you enjoy! 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to stimulate your closeness 
  • The CLEAVE Acronym, where it came from, and how it can be used 
  • C- Change actions to positive.  What is something that is negative that you could change to positive?
  • L- Loving romance- Try to show romance again.  What did you do at the beginning of your relationship?
  • E- Employ a calendar- Rearrange your calendar and add in positive events that bring back time together. 
  • A- Adjust intimacy elsewhere- Husbands and wives have different levels of intimacy. Figure out what level you need. 
  • V- Value your partner- Valuing love builds intimacy.  When we feel valued, we feel closer to the one who loves us. 
  • E- Enjoy yourself sexually- learn to communicate better in the bedroom



Resources Mentioned:

Hope Focused Marriage Book

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