Mastering the Many Hats: A Guide for the Entrepreneurial Superwoman

51: How to Scale Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Are you ready to start spending more of your time on the things that you love and less on the things that you dread?

We are talking today about scaling your business so you can do that!

You might not be ready to scale, but I want you to start thinking like the entrepreneur that is.

If you are ready, you’ll be able to jump right into these steps today.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you should be thinking like a business owner who is ready to scale
  • How to define what is in your desire zone versus your drudgery zone
  • The importance of working within your strengths 
  • How to delegate more
  • Why you should only be working on things that move the needle
  • How to get clear on your schedule 
  • Why your goals should scare you 

I hope you are taking away some valuable tips from this episode whether you are ready to scale or not!

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