2: The Secret to Finding Your Identity and Living Authentically with Rene Banglesdorf

Do you ever feel like you’re losing yourself in all the different hats you wear? 

You’re crushing it at juggling so many roles, but I know that sometimes it can be easy to lose your own identity when you’re trying to take care of everyone and everything else in your life. 

Our guest in this episode, Rene Banglesdorf, totally gets it. This girl does a lot, but she is also super confident in who she is, so I brought her onto the show to tell us her secrets. We’re talking about identity, authenticity, vulnerability, and so much more. 

Rene is an author, speaker, and podcaster. She is a high-performance business coach, a private pilot, and the co-founder of Charlie Bravo Aviation. She sits on an FAA board and the advisory board for Ohio University.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to stay true to yourself while wearing a lot of different hats 
  • The importance of staying grounded 
  • The power of journaling 
  • How to focus on gratitude 
  • Why it’s good to be vulnerable
  • The power of accountability 
  • How to figure out what your values are
  • The value of being secure in who you are 

I hope this brings value to you. Rene is so inspiring to me, and I’m honored to have her on the podcast. She’s an awesome example of living authentically and being true to yourself. 

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