Staying Focused Amidst Life’s Unexpected Turmoils

As I pondered life the other day, I was struck by a powerful analogy about staying focused despite surrounding chaos. I recalled my older daughter’s high school theater days, when she constantly participated in productions. During those performances, countless things could (and did) go wrong: props breaking, actors missing lines or dance moves, or even wardrobe malfunctions. Remarkably, those on stage remained unfazed and focused on delivering their parts, regardless of the unexpected disruptions.

This profound thought led me to reflect on our own lives and how we could learn from these theater artists’ relentless focus. There will be moments in life when we must maintain our concentration and determination, even in the face of adversity. Our purpose, our calling, should remain undisturbed amidst the external chaos.

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Jesus demonstrated this unwavering focus in his life as well. Whether he was the center of adoration or subjected to brutalization, his goal—fulfilling the will of his Father—never waned. His steadfast determination transcended every situation, whether it was a party, a meeting, or a funeral. Jesus remained true to his mission, and we can draw inspiration from his dedication.

The question is, how can we harness this focus in our own lives? I, for one, find it incredibly easy to lose sight of my goals, particularly when unexpected challenges appear. When blindsided by pain or sorrow, it can be difficult to maintain focus on our chosen path. In such trying times, we often default to sidelining our mission, though it shouldn’t be our first course of action. Instead, we must strive to remain true to our purpose.

So, as we navigate through life’s unpredictable storms, let us find inspiration in the unshakeable focus of theater performers and in Jesus’ unwavering commitment to his mission. Let us stand firm in our dedication and persevere, even when life’s stage propels us into turmoil. In doing so, we will fulfill our unique callings and emerge stronger as individuals ready to face whatever new challenges await us.


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