Supporting Your Kids on the Path to Lifelong Health and Fitness with Dr. Jonathan Gingell

56: Supporting Your Kids on the Path to Lifelong Health and Fitness with Dr. Jonathan Gingell

We’ve all heard it said that the best defense is a great offense, right? 

Well, that is especially true when it comes to helping our kids maintain their physical and mental health.

I am really excited for you to hear my conversation in this episode with Dr. Jonathan Gingell of ProCare Chiropractic & Sports Therapy.  Dr. “J” works extensively with athletes to help improve their health and performance, and he is particularly passionate about working with young athletes.

In this episode, he shares wisdom from his training and experience about how we can proactively encourage physical activity and mental well-being in our children and teens.

If you want to know how to support your kids in their health and fitness, this is for you. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why decreased activity is correlated with depression
  • The reason young athletes with burnout are prone to depression
  • How to encourage physical activity in your children
  • Why it is important to keep snacks only in the kitchen
  • Signs of depression in your children
  • How to catch problems early
  • Ways to differentiate muscle soreness and injury in children
  • How a chiropractor can be helpful for your children
  • The most important place to start to improve your child’s health

My hope is that after you listen to my chat with Dr. Gingell you will feel empowered to help your children be active. You will be equipped with additional tools to support them in their goals and keep them on a path of lifelong health and wellness. 

If you’re trying to start your day with positive energy, show up as your best self, and lead like Jesus, check out Thrive Today for daily bite-sized audio messages of motivation and encouragement. Go to to learn more and start listening. 



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