The 1st Type of God-Given Rest: Physical Rest

27: The 1st Type of God-Given Rest: Physical Rest

Did you know that sleep is not considered rest?

I’m the queen of insomnia, so this is not my favorite topic, but we need to talk about sleep.

Over the next seven episodes, we’re talking about the seven types of rest that God designed for you. We’re doing one a week so that you have a whole week to think about and work on each one.  

We’re starting with this episode on physical rest. Physical rest is broken down even further into two different types, so I’m going to cover what the types of physical rest are, what they look like, and the roles they play in your life. 

If you have a hard time getting enough sleep at night, or you always feel tired during the day, this is for you. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why sleep is not the same as rest 
  • How rest can help you sleep 
  • The two types of physical rest 
  • Why rest is so important 
  • Ways to get active rest 
  • What passive rest looks like
  • How to identify signs that you are deprived of physical rest 
  • How to listen to your body’s love language 
  • How to bring your physical rest back into balance 

I want you to choose one small thing to implement in your daily life to increase your physical rest. What’s it going to be? You have all week to work on it. 

Did this episode challenge some of your ideas about rest? Get ready for the next six episodes, because I’m just getting started. 

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