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33: The 7th Type of God-Given Rest: Relational Rest

Do you sometimes find yourself craving the company of other people? Small moments of connection with the people in your life have a big impact. 

Sometimes you might feel isolated and disconnected from others, even when you’re surrounded by people. This sense of separation has a destructive effect on your ability to rest. 

When you’re feeling this way, you’ll probably want to rely on others to make you feel supported and seen, but the secret to relational rest is learning to meet your own needs so that you aren’t dependent on others. That’s what we’re digging into this episode. 

If you feel alone, have a hard time making friends, or hide behind a mask because you fear rejection, this is for you. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you need to feel connected to others
  • How to feel more supported and seen 
  • How to be more receptive to tokens of relational rest from others 
  • The importance of being your authentic self
  • Signs that you’re deprived of relational rest 
  • How strong relationships improve your life 

Thanks for joining me for the last episode in this series on rest. If this is the first episode you’re catching, the other 6 are all live and waiting for you to tune in! I hope you learn something new about what it really means to rest and how to get more rest in your life. 

Now that we’ve covered all 7 types of God-given rest right here on the podcast, it’s time to take action. Download your 30-day step-by-step guide to begin implementing all 7 types of God-given rest into your life right now at www.godcreatedrest.com/guide!



Resources Mentioned:

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