The Heart Journey Method to Trauma Healing with Dr. Barbara Lowe

86: The Heart Journey Method to Trauma Healing with Dr. Barbara Lowe

What is trauma? Can Christians have it?

Spoiler alert: they can! The impact trauma can have if you don’t do the healing work might surprise you. In this episode of Couch Time, I sat down with Dr. Barbara Lowe to talk about how trauma shows up in Christians, the three stages of healing, and Dr. Barbara’s Heart Journey Method to trauma healing. 

Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist, founder, and owner of Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services (GPSS). GPSS is a large multi-site psychological practice in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina where clinicians deliver the best of psychological science and integrate faith upon request, for healing the soul and renewing the spirit. 

She is the owner and visionary behind the newly launched Greenleaf Training Center for Psychotherapists. Dr. Barbara also created the Heart Journey method of inner healing, which uses indigenous Christian Psychology where it intersects with conventional psychology to heal the biblical domain of the “heart”. 

She is also the visionary behind Dr. Barbara Ministries, a Somatic Experience practitioner, an EMDR practitioner, a Master ART Therapist, a Board Certified Life Coach, an Educator, an Ordained Minister, a National Speaker, and an Author. Dr. Barbara Lowe received her Ph.D. from UNC-CH in School Psychology.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [3:05] – Do Christians really have trauma? Dr. Barbara weighs in
  • [7:17] – The impact of trauma on Christians (that might surprise you)
  • [11:01]This is how we can become more like Jesus
  • [13:19] – The three stages of trauma healing that you need to understand
  • [19:36] – Can science and faith really mix? This is what you need to know
  • [26:53] – The thing that sets Dr. Barabara’s Heart Journey method apart from the rest
  • [30:48] – The wounds women have and how Dr. Barbara helps heal them

I hope this episode brings you some inspiration to reach out and get help healing the trauma in your past. If you want to learn more from Dr. Barbara, make sure to get a copy of her book Heart Journey: Healing through Encounters with Jesus & Psychology. You can also follow her on Instagram! 

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