The Key to Making Peace with Your Humanity with Michele Cushatt

7: The Key to Making Peace with Your Humanity with Michele Cushatt

Why is it that we are always so hard on ourselves?

We hold ourselves to impossible standards that we would never hold anyone else to. 

Our guest in this episode, Michele Cushatt, is challenging the way we think about our own worth. She’s challenging the idea that you always have to be at your best in every area of your life and teaching you how to make peace with your own humanity. 

Michele changed my life. Her book “I Am” is the reason I became a counselor and it’s the reason I was able to find myself after getting lost in motherhood, so I’m super excited to share this episode with you. 

A lover at heart, Michele Cushatt communicates with a rare warmth and transparency that draws people in. A three-time head and neck cancer survivor and parent of “children from hard places,” Michele is a (reluctant) expert on trauma, pain, and the deep human need for authentic connection. Thus, she’s absolutely committed to sharing her honest struggles, experiences, and questions so you know you’re not alone in yours.

She has written three books, hosts two podcasts, and serves as the Chief Training Officer at Michael Hyatt & Company, where she trains and develops coaches for the Michael Hyatt & Company BusinessAccelerator and one-on-one coaching programs.

Michele and her husband, Troy, live in Colorado with their six children, ages 13 to 28. She enjoys a good novel, a long hike in the mountains, and a kitchen table filled with people. And donuts. Lots of donuts!

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to find time for everything 
  • The importance of identifying what is essential and letting the rest go
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your essentials to someone else’s 
  • Why you don’t always have to do your best 
  • That not everyone expects the same from you that you expect 
  • How to stop putting things off
  • What gives you value 
  • What it means to make peace with your own humanity 

You don’t have to be the best at everything all the time. You’re allowed to be human. If that’s something you struggle to make peace with, I hope this episode helps. If there’s anyone who knows how to walk you through this process, it’s Michele. 

If you love what you hear in this episode and want some more, you can explore my website,, for more resources or check out previous episodes! 



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