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30: The Power of Change, Forgiveness and Rebuilding Trust with Jena Flores

How do you forgive, let go and rebuild trust after your spouse’s affair? What can you do if your marriage has become like roommates stuck together? How do you achieve calm when your life is in chaos? These are tough questions that need straight answers.

For today’s episode, I am bringing a friend from the Spark Re-ignite Course, Jena Flores, and this is my chance to get to know her a little bit more. We’ll dive deep into how her marriage has evolved since she started the course four months ago.

Jena jumped in the course by herself wanting to initiate change in her marriage. She talks about her shift from feeling hopeless and lost to knowing that she’s not alone. She also shares with us the changes she personally had to make in order to communicate better and more calmly. She is blown away at how the changes are affecting her husband and her marriage and I couldn’t be happier! 

We also discuss her husband’s past infidelity and I reveal one factor that makes forgiveness and letting go SOOO difficult. This episode is raw and real and you aren’t going to want to miss the breakthroughs we have at the end of our conversation. 

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How couples become roommates
  • The power that comes with changing how you react
  • How to turn Spark course lessons into action
  • The importance of knowing you’re not alone
  • Why learning about yourself is the first step to create change
  • Expressing emotion vs just reacting
  • The challenge of forgiving a past affair
  • How to rebuild trust after unfaithfulness
  • The importance of self-validation
  • The power of communicating in the right context and the right way

Honestly, episodes like this make me realize the magnitude of the people I am able to help. This podcast has been one of my favorite ways to reach my audience and provide encouragement in their marriage and family life. 

This will be the start of many shows where I will be bringing on guests so you can hear real-life stories of transformations in marriage. Let’s inspire each other to keep going, keep working on our marriages and realize that we’re not alone in this! 

Keep the fire burning!  Don’t forget to reach out and let me know what resources would be helping to you right now! I love hearing from you guys.

See you here next week!


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