TikTok Testament: Answering God's Call to Spread His Message with Chris Randall

87: TikTok Testament: Answering God’s Call to Spread His Message with Chris Randall

How do you know if God is speaking to you?

In this episode of Couch Time, I sat down with Chris Randall to dive into how he felt called by God to get on TikTok and talk about Jesus. Chris has grown a sizable following online by following the path God laid out for him and he’s here to share his story today.

After experiencing a personal transformation, Chris Randall felt God’s call to use his skills to help others. He started a non-profit mechanic company with the belief that everyone deserves reliable transportation regardless of their financial situation. 

With unwavering dedication, Chris turned to a full-time job of repairing vehicles for the less fortunate, all without charge, serving as a means to convey God’s message of love and compassion. 

Chris’s journey took an extraordinary turn, closely mirroring stories from the Bible, as his life story became an embodiment of faith and divine guidance.

Everything Chris does in his life is to strengthen believers, and I am so excited to share this conversation with you. 

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [1:10] – The incredible things that God is doing in Chris’s life
  • 4: 36 – How a possible leg amputation turned into a huge transformation in Chris’s life
  • [10:26] – If you want to please God, you have to start with this one thing
  • [19:56] – What happens when God calls us to follow him
  • [27:05] – Wondering if it’s really God speaking to you? This is how you’ll know 
  • [37:45] – God knows if you’ll obey him or not
  • [44:27] – What happens when you don’t listen to what God is trying to tell you
  • [52:43] – This is how you can support Chris and his vision

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Chris! He is a truly inspirational person and I love that he is using his platform to share his love for God and strengthen believers. If you want to follow along his journey, follow him on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

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