How to Live and Act With Integrity When You Feel Attacked

114: Uncovering Your Real Life Success Story

How can you overcome the challenges of high achievement without losing sight of who you are? 

That’s what I’m discussing in this episode of Couch Time! 

This isn’t about chasing the fleeting notion of balance or spreading yourself too thin across various facets of all your life domains. 

No, no, this is about embracing a rhythm that honors every part of your being, personal growth, relationships, business aspirations, dreams, and parenting.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [1:50]: – Balance is an illusion. This is what you need to seek instead
  • [4:45] – The immense power of leading with faith and integrity 
  • [5:35] – Feeling like your spouse is your roommate? It’s time to take action. Here’s how
  • [7:30] – A new success metric for you to try
  • [8:20]This is the bedrock of your overall success in all domains
  • [10:30] – Need a kick in the pants from me? Here’s how to get it

I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you want to know where you stand in all of your life domains right now, head over to Now is your time to thrive and build a life you can’t wait to wake up to. I believe in you. I’m here for you! 

If you are ready to go even deeper, then make sure to join me in Awaken Me, the complete step-by-step self-rediscovery course designed to reintroduce you to the most important person in your life — yourself!


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