43: We’re Back! An Off the Cuff Life Update (From Our Car!)

It’s 2020. Just that statement is enough to explain that we are coming off of some of the hardest months of our life – and I am guessing that many of you are, too. Sometimes when life feels hard and heavy, it’s fun to do something lighthearted and easy. 

In this episode with my husband John and I, we did just that. We were recently on a car ride to and from a sporting event and took the time as an opportunity to record an off-the-cuff, fun podcast episode together.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The event that had John and I wearing orange when we never expected to
  • John and I’s differing perspectives on driving 
  • How men and women view silence differently 
  • Funny stories from the early years of my marriage to John 
  • What I think car time should be used for in marriage 
  • Why it’s healthy to continually grow in marriage 

We hope you enjoy this episode and use it as a fun reason to spend some light-hearted, silly drive time with your significant other. 

See you next week!



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