What No One Tells You About Suffering with Jessye Wilden

51: What No One Tells You About Suffering with Jessye Wilden

“Will you look after our kids if anything happens to us?”

You never expect it to actually happen, but what would you do if it did?

Jessye Wilden is joining us in this episode to share her story of finding love and joy after tragedy. She’s sharing what buoyed her when she felt like she was drowning and what she’s learned about surviving her own suffering and helping others through theirs. 

Jessye Wilden lives with her husband, Ryan, and their children in the mountains of Northern California, where bears rattle the garbage cans and deer occasionally pose dramatically in the backyard. As a family, they are passionate about skiing, adventuring in their camping trailer, and dancing in the kitchen. Jessye continues to write and speak to groups using her unique perspective and exciting storytelling to help others hold onto goodness when life hurts most. 

Jessye challenges audiences not to be defined by their worst moment, to boldly write names in color, to do brave things scared, and to choose to see God (even in pain) as adding to their lives.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The beauty of finding joy after tragedy
  • The importance of making decisions ahead of time 
  • How to always look for goodness 
  • Why choosing to look for the good is an act of bravery
  • What to do when tragedy strikes someone you know 
  • Why you can’t compare one person’s suffering to another’s
  • That your suffering doesn’t need to be quantified to be real

This is a beautiful episode about forgiveness, bravery, and love. If you’re seeking support or you want to learn how to better support the people around you, this episode has something for you. 

If you want to hear more of Jessye’s story, you have got to get your hands on her book, We Wrote Your Name in Color. It’s not one to miss. 

If you’re trying to start your day with positive energy, show up as your best self, and lead like Jesus, check out Thrive Today for daily bite-sized audio messages of motivation and encouragement. Go to amywine.com/thrivetoday to learn more and start listening. 



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